Social Media, The Dopamine Hit And Mindfulness

Social media gives us feedback and validation … fast! It’s what we live for, and so it actually controls us. We don’t see it, because we are in it. This is demonic intent. The dopamine boost provides a sense of reward. It’s exciting, and as it’s exciting, we become hooked.

We need to be mindful of what we are actually doing, in order to be aware that something is either beneficial or harmful. This will depend on our level of awareness.

Mindfulness is the way in which we conduct our life, consciously. If we are properly instructed, mindfulness is the continuity of awareness meditation. Mindfulness is not the end product; it is the means to an end, and that end is remembering to be conscious, and that we are consciousness itself.

Social media, alcohol, drugs, smoking, sugar, porn, validation … all these give us a sense of pleasure from the chemical rush of dopamine in the the brain. This can become addictive, but the rewards are artificial as they result from external stimuli with which we identify. There is a simple, natural pleasure in the direct contact of the senses with the outside world: if we are captured by the virtual world of digital reality that provides us with that chemical rush in the same way as those other addictions, we forget the joy of simple living. The real reward is consciousness itself, resting in emptiness where there are no needs.

Meditation is resting in empty, conscious awareness, where we are in total control. When we come out of meditation, we use mindfulness in our daily activities in order to remember our own clear intelligence, rather then succumbing to the hive mentality of programmed reactions.

In this modern ‘new’ world, we have been made to be speedy – we want validation and we want it now! We feed off it – social media is a feeding frenzy, and it has brought out the demon in us.

As we progress spiritually, our capacity increases: we become more generous, tolerant, patient, disciplined, able to concentrate and ultimately realise transcendent wisdom. That is the ultimate reward, free from reliance on external stimuli.

Our capacity is due to being able to rest, not clinging to anything – even meditation. The danger of limiting ourselves only to mindfulness is that, although we may come to be more efficient, we may also become hooked by our own abilities because awareness meditation has been overlooked.

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