Consciousness Cannot Be Taught

It can only be pointed out
(that’s if it’s actually pointed out)
and then realised.
Consciousness is what we are.

Why is this naturally-occurring consciousness so dressed up and ritualised? We, as humans, are fascinated by everything, and so can be given things in order to fascinate us, which can become a fetish.
Fetish: an inanimate object worshipped for its supposed magical powers 

Consciousness isn’t like that: consciousness isn’t fascinating, as anything fascinating is a distraction.

We merely have to break the habit of thinking that we don’t know enough. Of course, we don’t know all the details of those fascinating things that keep us distracted, but we do know innate knowingness, because knowingness is synonymous with consciousness.

It’s like riding a bike: once we ‘get it’, we can never not ‘get it’. We don’t have to rely on stabilisers any more. We don’t have to become monks and nuns, and keep chanting and singing, reading more books and going on long retreats, as this is merely doubting that we ‘got it’.

In fact, all that ritual starts to become a hinderance. It works against itself. We are doing something and being something! People start to become self-conscious, instead of being consciousness itself. How many people do you know who can drop everything and give you their total attention, without playing a part? How many people do you know who are conscious and awake?

Consciousness is natural. We should be natural. We can’t buy consciousness. Once we realise we are consciousness, everything else makes sense. We understand that we dwell in an unnatural world of ignorance, deception, cruelty, self-centredness, hope, fear, pride and jealousy. We also understand that, above all and at the same time, we live in love. Real consciousness is living in love, where there is no separation.

We could spent decades on spiritual paths and still wonder what it’s all about: “Where is this love?” “Who can I talk to clarify my personal condition?” “Do they actually know?” “If I had a problem with belief, why was this not accepted?” They may chant, ‘Compassion … compassion … compassion…’, but where is this compassion when it’s needed?

It’s a tricky world.

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