Over Population?

Some influential people
believe that this planet is over populated.

Does this belief answer questions
about decisions made in the world?
Some people just cannot share.

When the code of everything is known,
anything can be created and de-created.
This is the dark age of the Kali Yuga,
and people are suffering.

The very recognition of suffering
is the beginning of enlightenment,
because we look for the cause of that suffering
and the path that relieves that suffering;
we follow that path, becoming familiar with
and transcending suffering.

To see our mind seeing this world as sinister and hypocritical
increases our resolution to be free.
We are dealing with our own reaction,
rather than an external source.

When it is said, “We are free in the moment of seeing”,
this does not mean we are free in the moment we see;
it is in the actual seeing itself – the presence of pure consciousness.

We are free in the moment of seeing that
our mind is over populated!

Whatever appearances arise in the mind
are the spur to realising our true nature.

The mistaken live in the Kali Yuga of their own mind.
Once we understand this state of play, empathetic compassion arises.

To retaliate only makes us one of the mistaken.

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