The Fine Golden Thread Of Inspiration

We all need confidence to stay on the path as there are many levels of enlightenment. Through authentic inspiration, we evolve in steps along our path of confusion. That comes from genuine, raw, personal experience rather than a belief in someone else. I bow to the Buddha for inspiration, but bowing to the Buddha will not make me enlightened. It’s so easy to relax too much on a subtle level, not bothering with our mental obstacles. These obstacles are the karma which is our own precise teacher; karma is the result of previous actions and reactions which we hold on to, affecting our attitude and behaviour. A good teacher points out our faults to enlighten us, showing us our path – and karma does exactly that.

If we find a human teacher who can do exactly that, we are fortunate indeed. But these days, teachers have too many students to be able to hold their hands at every moment, whereas karma can!

In ascending the levels, we become happier and happier, content to face our karma rather than avoid it, covering it up. On this fine, golden path, we can feel the wobble immediately: feeling the wobble, we automatically adjust to return to balance. Being a scholar is wonderful, but we don’t have to be academic to feel the wobble! It’s spontaneous.

It is not about saying, “It is emptiness.” It is about having personally investigated where the essence of mind is, and realising that we are it, all the time.

It’s all about “Stayin’ alive”!

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