Don’t Take Spiritual Transmissions For Granted

A spiritual transmission is a transference of consciousness or energy, and it gives meaning to life. A transmission is received only if it activates a change= we change! There is understanding, experience and realisation to the extent that we become a transmitter from a genuine lineage. This is not about repeating dogma and looking good; it’s about clarifying reality without any attitude whatsoever.

Receiving a transmission changes our life patterning. We come out of the programme. The chattering stops. When the transmission hits the spot, we neither ignore it nor take it for granted, otherwise we may abuse it and lose it, and cause problems for ourself and others.

We are here only to realise our true nature, rather than in the hope of gaining something. We have a precious moment in infinite time to be conscious, rather than trying to look conventionally clever.

In emptiness, there are no needs, but just the light of clarity.

Transmission is passing on the light.
This light is the same light,
but with a new exposure.

The test to see if the light is authentic
is whether it comes with genuine compassion.

The continuity of the light comes from the infinity of time and space.

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