Why Do We Refer To God As Him’?

This is not meant to be funny, politically correct, sexist or anti God. Not at all!
Why was man created in God’s image? Did God have dangly bits?

We have been fed illusion after illusion, obscuring reality for millennia.
God has to be pure consciousness. What else can God be?
We are pure consciousness. What else can we be?

Pure consciousness has neither gender nor agenda.
If God had a purpose, what is it? When we look at the world, whatever plan was envisaged hasn’t worked. Or has it?
Peace on Earth and good will to all ‘men’ ??!

People have claimed to have heard the word of God, declaring that God spoke to them. Why do we believe them? Have they actually said anything that clarifies reality, or do they just add to the story line?

Is that inner voice our inspiration?
Or self-aggrandisement?

We can all claim that God speaks to us, but words are part reasoning and part inspiration. When we realise that a Theistic God or Buddhist Rigpa is nothing other than our reality of pure consciousness, then we are free from intercessors who claim to be the holy ones, and tell us what we should be doing – and how much it costs :D.

Humanity has been bombarded with ideas for a very very long time and so, of course, it will be difficult to release ourselves from this programming.

Why do we have an ‘image’ of God as a him, when the commandments say: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”?

A subtle deception binds us. To know God or Rigpa – or whatever we want to call it – we merely look within and realise that we are what we seek.

Dangly bits and Gardens of Eden maintain life on Earth.
No dangly bits and Gardens of Eden, no enlightenment!

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10 Responses to WHY DO WE REFER TO GOD AS ‘HIM’?

  1. Ben Naga says:


    Never mind all this
    You always felt there was more
    And you were not wrong

    But of course it takes a while
    To unlearn all the nonsense

    – Ben Naga (https://bookofguff.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/cutting-the-strings/)

  2. Ben Naga says:

    God must have dangly bits. Otherwise how could he have had a son? 😀

  3. zumpoems says:

    Maybe some people think of the Supreme Being as a “him” — some of this comes from Judeo/Christian/Islamic writings and culture and maybe from the fact that the physically strongest members of any large group of people being mostly men. I guess we could think of the supreme being as a child, but this implies a lack of maturity and experience. But some of us just think of a non-physical supreme being. It would be interesting to do a poll to see how many people visualize something when they think of their version of the supreme being.

  4. tony says:

    When we take away all the limited human concepts and attributes that we think of as God, which are in our (and other’s) imagination, what are we left with? Pure consciousness!

    In the silence of meditation we arrive at what we have been looking for – the non-duality of pure consciousness.

    When we put anything in front of pure consciousness, it becomes a substitute to relate to, an image, a duality.

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