Knowing … Belief … Confusion … Sentimentality … Indifference

When we do not know our true reality, we fall into the trap of belief, confusion and sentimentality, leading to indifference. We become jaded – and our experience of spiritual practice is no exception. Not knowing, we take the path of least resistance.

Many years ago, two groups emerged from the area of Persia/Iran – the Aryans and the Zoroastrians. The knowers and the believers. Rigveda and God. Pure consciousness and God belief. This divided the world, and these memes still register in our minds today.

Did you ever wonder where our thinking comes from?

If knowingness isn’t taught right, then we become a believer. Once we become believers, we doubt and so become confused. Confused, we become sentimental. Finding sentimentality pointless, we become indifferent. Pure consciousness – the supramundane – becomes mundane and is subject to desire, fear, pride, jealousy and, most importantly of all, ignorance.

We merely have to be honest about how we feel in any given moment to put this all right. Our evolution and devolution is in our own hands … our own mind. Seeing what is happening is realisation, and we are free!

We all follow a path of some sort and live by that but, in experiencing and realising the truth within, we find there is no path. We never left and have already arrived.

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