Do I Have To Act?

We all go into an act of some sort, as we aspire to be thought of as better than we are – and ‘spiritual’ people are no different. This is foolish. Who are we trying to impress? This isn’t spiritual development – it’s adopting a cultural identity, and spiritual teachers do not stop the foolish behaviour of binding ourselves to a group. It is not only unimpressive – it’s an unnecessary elaboration, a cloaking device!

We are demystifying all so-called mysteries. True consciousness is naked and without attitude; it makes no demands and only appears mysterious to those who aren’t looking.

When we realise our true essence, we can happily be ourselves as we no longer take our self seriously.

The Buddha is nothing special.
He just recognised his originality.

We are not clones.
We are all originals!

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3 Responses to DO I HAVE TO ACT?

  1. Ben Naga says:

    Mais oui. (May we?)

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