Psychological Resilience To A Pandemic 😀

In general, trauma will be caused during this pandemic,
and there will be a post traumatic effect.

So how do we stay stable?

We all know that life will end at some point due to anger, design, accident, old age or sickness. There can never be said to be the right time to end life. We know, however, that death is inevitable, and platitudes are of no help in this situation. Perhaps belief is helpful, but belief isn’t for everyone.

As long as we believe that we are this body and mind (which are temporary), we will suffer or feel threatened. Belief can cloak fears and maybe, in certain cases, this is a good thing if people aren’t mentally strong enough – even Buddhists pray for protection.

So how do we become stable?

When we truly realise that we are not this body or mind, and have confidence in the fact that we are pure consciousness and that everything that occurs in life is karmic – a product of our past – then we get a glimpse of accepting whatever happens, and we make do. Relative life can never be perfect, save that confusion perfectly breeds more confusion. What is important is having a stable mind now. We achieve this through mind training in meditation by acknowledging wanderings in the mind.

The title “Psychological Resilience To A Pandemic” may sound serious but we have to realise that this fear is in the mind and therefore has no true reality (although, of course, we still have to take precautions – but that doesn’t have to include fear). Much of the media is hyped up to the extent that the message is trivialised, and hence, confusion perfectly breeds more confusion.

Simply don’t be confused.

A good heart and a good immune system are good enough for a good life and a good death. We may not be able to prove that there is very subtle consciousness after death, but we were born knowing … something … and all our life, we have known … something. If we can recognise and realise what that … something … is, then we will stop this cycle of confusion and fear.

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    Oops. That SHOULD have been:

    Want to make your fear and confusion worse? Faithfully follow the media, fill your mind with it. Dwell upon it.

    Want to diminish your fear and confusion? Simply do the opposite. It’s that easy. Honest. It works.

    (Maybe you could delete the earlier version for me?)

  2. tony says:

    Thanks ben.

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