Noticing Our Dream State

When we are lost in thought, we are in a dream state. As ordinary beings, we don’t notice this as it’s our normality. We function in this state most of the day, as we are usually preoccupied; we actually do come out now and again, but don’t value this because we look for something more interesting.

In meditation – being aware -thoughts are we can clearly see this happening.
Suddenly we are not there – we are off somewhere.
Suddenly we see – and there we are!

If you notice this, celebrate! Noticing is being aware – we are free in the moment of seeing. When we constantly notice that we are in a dream state, we have realisation. This is what is called the unity of the two truths – ultimate and relative – the mirror and the reflection – heaven and hell. 😀

True being is being aware of whatever takes place in the mind. Pure consciousness is the mirror – the essence of mind – while thoughts are the reflections. Sometimes, there are no reflections, but just the senses experiencing, and everything is brighter.

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