Are You Satisfied With You?

Any dissatisfaction can be the beginning of enlightenment. If we aren’t dissatisfied, we stay as we are – unenlightened. Dissatisfaction could be about our self, or the world in which we live. Can we change our self or the world in which we live? Yes but, like a new coat, it has to fit properly so that we can address the world with our new-found wisdom.

We assume that we are the contents of our mind. That’s me! says science. Science might say our self is our sense of who we are, deep down – our identity. When we let someone else know us well, we reveal our true self to them, but that is merely a set of ideas. If the subject of our thoughts is us, we’re thinking about our self all the time.

The problem is that we aren’t seeing properly. We ignore what is seeing those thoughts. Asked what that is, people can only say, “Me!” This is the conjuring loop in which we live. When we start to investigate our selves, the answers come only from a spiritual point of view – the non-reified self. Words such as ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, ‘consciousness’ are used, and this can lead to confusion and argument.

We cannot be words.
We are pure experience.
We are therefore not those thoughts about ‘me’.

Pure experience has no identity:
it is pure consciousness.
Science does not say anything this.

A true scientist just sees in the first instant
– we can all just see in the first instant.
We are all true scientists.

Be satisfied with your dissatisfied self,
for its dissatisfaction is the path to enlightenment.

It’s a funny, old, upside-down world.

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