Recognising The Need To Recondition The Mind

Recondition: bring it back to good working order.

This is the Buddha’s third noble truth.

We find a method to undo all the programmed conditioning that we have been through since birth – all those assumptions. This reconditioning can take many forms, and our karma shows us the path by whatever comes our way, with which we are naturally compatible at that moment.

The method is meditation to clear the mind and bring it to rest. In this way, it becomes more stable in its reasoning, through consciousness coming to the fore and shining. We can then contemplate, and join up the dots, by seeing what is going on in our mind, and in the mind of others … and why. Seeing the predictability of our programmed conditioning is quite a shock.

The fourth and final noble truth of the Buddha is activating the method and seeing for ourselves, rather than relying on theories. As we progress, the method refines and the meaning of the words changes, while being aware that ritual can turn into belief.

It’s all a matter of letting go. This is another cliché, but what other words can we use? By letting go of ideas and emotions, wisdom dawns. It really does!

Incidentally, you don’t have to become a Buddhist to do this.

Religion is belief.
The proof of the pudding is only in the eating!

Once we know the pudding is good,
we want to share it.

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