Acknowledging Conditioned Self

The conditioned self is a mental construct that consciousness has built by relating to conditions and fixating upon those conditions, judging everything. This is how we act as human animals – by our likes, dislikes and indifferences.

Is there an un-conditioned self?
We cannot be what we see, but there is a seeing present that does not rely on conditions or names. Recognising this conditioned self – which is the very cause of suffering as it is highly reactive – is the Buddha’s second noble truth. This illusory self and that which sees this self is, in fact, the Buddha’s entire teaching.

Just look at the word ‘myself’.
We use ‘myself’ to emphasise an identity,
which creates and maintains a duality.
Myself : Old English me + self.

The cause of suffering is the constant preservation of this duality
which separates us.

What am I?
I am an illusory self and pure consciousness.
It all depends on what is most valued.

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