Earth: Scary Planet Controlled By Hypnosis
and a good place for spiritual practice!

There are two ways of approaching our spiritual goal. One is where we hope to achieve enlightenment through peaceful means, and the other is through wrathful means, where we fear the consequences if we do not achieve enlightenment.

The latter isn’t for the faint hearted.

In the Vajrayana practices of Tibetan Buddhism, there are deities, known as ‘yidams’: each of these has two aspects, one peaceful and the other, wrathful. These two sides are important: one is more intense than the other, and a Buddhist practitioner recognises that they represent the compassion within each of us, which stems from empty awareness.

This is part of the after-death experiences of the Bardo practice: it is not a method for everyone.

Peaceful and wrathful deities help us through their representation of compassion. If recognising our true nature doesn’t work with the peaceful deities, then their wrathful aspect comes to enliven us! If that doesn’t work either, then we take on another embodiment, created by our karma, and so we go round again, until we are so dissatisfied that we look for the cause of this dissatisfaction, which is our clinging to ideas about me and mine. We are the God-creator.

In Tibet, advanced practitioners go to scary places, such as graveyards at night, in order to sit and practise, and face their fears. In the east, they believe in ghosts: we in the west have the whole damn planet to test our fears! πŸ˜€

Most of the time, we only hear about the peaceful approach to spirituality: love, compassion, the beauty of the Earth and how everyone has a heart of gold. This is the safest, surest route, but it may not work for everyone. All actions are to please the teacher, which okay but this doesn’t help us face our fears. Some (including this blogger) find that that approach doesn’t really work; I tried for many years, and somehow, it felt false, and not quite right for me. Actually, that’s putting it mildly; it was driving me crazy, and I wasn’t waking me up.

Fear focuses all our attention, producing the shock needed to heighten our awareness, achieving clarity and freedom.

From a wrathful point of view, this planet is still beautiful; humans do have a heart of gold, and there is still love and compassion – but we are aware of something else too … the place full of hypnotised zombies! πŸ™‚ When ‘touched’ by them, we become one. It’s a crazy virus – the globalisation of humanity! (I said this wasn’t for the faint-hearted).

When our attention becomes caught and held, β€œthat is the induced state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action, and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.” That is the definition of hypnosis!

How on earth can the two candidates running for the American presidency really be the most intelligent people to run the western world? How can such fragile people be given so much power? They are the people’s choice? Of course not. The magicians in the background are pulling the strings, putting the whole population into a hypnotic state of hysteria via the media – and this is going on in every country on the planet. It’s politics.

Politics: a particular set of political beliefs or principles.

We need to live in peace and not be terrorised by social engineering.

The point is that we have to see what is going on around us, and how this is influencing our minds – everyone’s minds – day in and day out. Spiritually speaking, ‘wrathful’ means intense love, and it’s not scary at all. Smacking a child lightly if it runs across the road is love; one will often see older monks bonk a young boisterous monk over the head. In fact, in Tibet bonking heads together is a greeting. The PC (politically correct) manipulators would have something to say about this, I’m sure; their motto seems to be β€œFEAR EVERYTHING.”

Wrathful deity practice counters fear: it’s all about focusing the mind as it wanders in its desperate search for safety. People we encounter are in an induced hypnotic state, and every day we plug in to the collective, zombie-like virus.

Zombie: Animated corpse. A person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.

‘Surroundings’ could be seen as the obscurations that surround our nature of pure consciousness. It is only in the stillness of meditation that freedom comes. We disengage from the obsessive. hypnotic state of the closed minded, and emerge into the light.

Even though a few may recognise the state of the world, the rest are happy to applaud at anything. This why the madness continues.

β€œWho looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung.

β€œIf the human race survives, future men will, I suspect, look back on our enlightened epoch as a veritable age of Darkness. They will presumably be able to savour the irony of the situation with more amusement than we can extract from it. The laugh’s on us. They will see that what we call ‘schizophrenia’ was one of the forms in which, often through quite ordinary people, the light began to break through the cracks in our all-too-closed minds.”
R.D. Laing.

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