Discipline In Meditation

To be most beneficial, meditation should be at a regular time, and for a set period. We need discipline to counter the habits of our busy, wandering mind. We are exchanging the mind’s addiction for a better one, and that’s meditation.

“Oh, I’ve got no time to meditate!”
“Do you have time for sanity?”

It is surprising how easy it is to change our programming. All we need is to be aware and carefree.

We have to be mindful, however, that the meditation can become a little sloppy. It may feel good and energising but afterwards, we quickly go into the old routine of rushing around. We need to take the continuity of the meditation experience around with us.

If we are not careful, we may find that we are half-hearted about the clarity of enlightenment; it’s just a nice idea. If we are not sustaining empty awareness, enlightenment remains a vague idea rather than immediate experience. This isn’t full enlightenment, but just the light of clarity and awareness, no longer controlled by emotions.

There are many gurus who tell us that we have a higher self, and that we are one with the universe. If we keep holding onto ideas like that, we may not bother about what we are actually doing, wandering off to some mental place. We will never know our true potential unless we are more accurate in our practices.

The discipline of deep relaxation brings a true inner peace, where we are less touchy and more generous, and allow everything to unfold naturally. Concentrating – looking more closely – is so much fun. The little things are interesting, fulfilling, and satisfying.

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