The Teacher Of Experiences

“Once we attain stability in the correct body posture, it does not matter how we sit. In fact, we should try to seek out what is difficult. Go to a scary place, or an uncomfortable place, a situation where you are not at home or comfy, maybe somewhere crowded with many people, a place with all sorts of turmoil, a place where we get flattered, criticised, have pleasant or unpleasant experiences – all different types of places.

In doing this, we should take support of the symbolic master of experiences who is teaching us at that very moment, because, in those situations, we can recognise mind essence and still be free. The liberated quality of the experience at that time is ‘the true master of natural knowing’.”

from “Fearless Simplicity” by Tsoknyi Rinpoche
The Dzogchen way of living freely in a complex world.

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