Satisfaction Suddenly Becomes Dissatisfaction – Why?

Knowing what is true and what is not true
becomes more and more subtle.

It is the ‘knowing’ that is true and constant; it is not that which is known, which is as changeable as the wind. Knowing is clarity, the clear view, the clear mirror. That which is known is the ever changing reflections. Pure knowingness is absolute reality: the reflection is that which is mistakenly related to as truth, and is therefore relative reality.

The question is, “What am I?”

Everything is relative – what one person values may not be satisfying to another. When we drop everything that is known, then what is left is knowingness itself. It is self-knowingness!

Space within a vase is exactly the same as space outside the vase.
Smash the vase and see.
Space inside the temple is exactly the same as space outside the temple.
We are that sacred space.

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