Meetings With Scary People
is the reason to meditate

Every encounter is scary, when we consider that everyone is living in an illusion; projecting it, maintaining it and defending it. Of course, this includes ourselves! This is why we need to sit for at least twenty minutes a day in meditation, to clear our mind of our own illusions. Now, a clear mind turns scariness into compassion. Not easy? Then we just have to sit some more.

If we do not have a clear mind, then we merely become entangled in others’ realms:

Hell-beings are people who are angry all the time and nothing is right.

Hungry ghosts are people who think they do not have enough and cannot assimilate what they have.

Animal realm people have no humour and are mechanical – jobsworths.

Human realm people are excessively over-active and frustrated, and therefore addicted.

Jealous gods argue and quarrel and allow no one into their defences.

Gods assume they deserve everything, but nothing lasts and they fall back into the lower realms again.

This is called Samsara; it’s our usual cycle of existence, and reveals that we have absolutely no control. Scary, isn’t it?

The whole point is not to criticise others, but to recognise our own display of illusions. Taking time to meditate frees us from this never ending, spine-chilling story.

What’s even more scary?
We think that all this is normal,
and that’s why we get upset
when someone questions us.

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