Your Question Should Tear You Apart

To get the right answer, we need to ask the right question with the right motivation, for the right conditions to be in place for the right impact to occur. If it is a casual question, the answer will have less meaning – or none at all.

Of course, we can ask general questions to form a general idea about something, but that will not produce the intense atmosphere for real change to take place. That eureka moment comes from a genuinely-felt question which been bothering us for some time. Real spiritual practice is like a ‘boot camp’ where all one’s traumas and irritations come to a head.

Teachings are not like that. They are, through necessity, general teachings. The real teaching comes from within … “Bloody hell! What is this all about? I’m confused!”

Confusion is better than conclusion:
Confusion means you are looking.

So what is ultimate truth?
The confusion means you are looking!

That is the ultimate truth.
Rather than an intellectual conclusion,
it is knowingness itself.
When we know,
we cannot be confused.

Generally, people want spiritual answers before they actually have a question: they just want to join ‘the good’. When we look around, there don’t seem to be many ‘confused’ people: but all they have done is learn answers and come to conclusions. They cannot empathise with our confusion and so, unfortunately, they lack genuine compassion. This is not to condemn anyone; we have just reach a certain point at a certain time.

Most people ask a question without knowing the depth of that question. “What is ultimate truth?” is not a casual question. The question should be tearing you apart to get the ultimate answer. Not knowing the pain of ignorance, you will not know the bliss and relief of knowingness either. Reality can only be known by consciousness – pure consciousness – rather than concluding.

Personally, I worry. I have always worried. I worry about worrying. That worrying was built on past trauma upon trauma. Worrying is suffering. Consciousness is aware that this is a product from the past. I’m worried now, but this means that looking and knowingness are taking place: Knowingness and worry are simultaneous. Until complete enlightenment, this will continue.

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