Questioning Leads To An Answer

We looked for a spiritual approach to life because we were dissatisfied with the ‘status quo ante’ – the previous state of affairs – but now we may find that the ‘status quo’ – the existing state of affairs – is also unsatisfactory. There are many approaches to realisation, and what suits one may not suit another.

We first have to admit that we are dissatisfied: dissatisfaction leads to a question, and questions lead to an answer. The first noble truth – the acknowledgment that we are suffering – doesn’t mean that that, in itself, is the end of suffering. We still have to do some work, as there are layers of limiting obscurations.

Unless we can talk about our dissatisfaction, it will remain: that dissatisfaction holds the key to our next step. Alternatively, we can ignore the dissatisfaction, believing that there’s something wrong with us and that we have to try harder when, in fact, we may need a different approach.

Others may not have questions because the path they are on suits them at this present moment, but if we do have a question, we need to talk about it. Unfortunately, there is bias in spiritual groups, and so, certain questioning is not encouraged. Questioning can get you into trouble in such a group Speaking personally, it is for this reason that I had to move from the Mahamudra approach to Dzogchen (and my life then changed completely), whereas others have moved from Dzogchen to Therevada because that suits them.

It’s uncomfortable to realise that we have to move on, and therefore let go of the status quo. Once we start asking questions that aren’t part of the group think, we become aliens

Latin: ‘alienus’ belonging to another.

The answer has always been within us. Realisation is you joining up the dots.

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