Nobody Is Innocent, And Everyone Is Pure

Anyone could realise this, and Somebody did!

We all cause harm in some way.
Harm happens when consciousness adopts an ‘i’ to project.
We are here to reverse the harm this ‘i’ has caused,
or we can, of course, continue to project our ‘i’
and attract more of the same; harm.

“What harm have ‘i’ done?”
By this ‘i’ obsession,
we not only harm our own inner peace,
we harm the inner peace of others as well.

How do we switch off this projection?
By realising what we are doing,
we no longer harm others,
and bring to light both inner and outer peace.

How do we do that?
When we meditate,
we see the effect of our actions and,
in that moment of seeing,
we are free.

Being free is our natural state of pure, empty, unbiased awareness.

The way we see life
is the way life projects back to us.

When we project an ‘i’,
‘i’s are projected back to us.
When no ‘i’ is projected,
there is inner and outer peace.

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