Meditation: Order Out Of Chaos

Mental chaos occurs when pure consciousness (our true reality) becomes obscured by our fixations. That loss of pure, spontaneous clarity creates chaos, confusion and suffering. We become divided when we miss the oscillation between pure consciousness and contaminated consciousness. Contaminated consciousness is based on memories and judgements rather than immediate investigation before memories and judgements kick in.

Order means returning to our natural balance of pure consciousness, which is experienced and realised through meditation. Meditation is sitting quietly, seeing whatever is going on in our mind, and realising that we are, in fact, free in that moment of seeing. The purity sees the impurity; it’s that simple. When we become divided in consciousness, we experience doubt, confusion and frustration.

The resulting suffering comes about through the belief in and projection of an obsessive self image. When life becomes unsatisfactory, we look for someone to blame rather than taking personal responsibility. Seeing the entire picture is, unfortunately, rare; not seeing the wood for the trees, we become so involved in the details of things that we do not understand or pay attention to the most important parts of it.

We’ve all heard about the ‘Illuminati’, the committee of 300, Skull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission, reptilians etc that are said to want to control the population of the world. They create disorder to promote chaos, and then present us with an alternative order in their favour (“Order Out Of Chaos” is even on the US dollar bill).

This is all a smoke screen, an exaggeration, an exploitation of power. It’s all an act. Blaming others, we become divided, as this seems to be an easier option than realising that we can be free. We allow all this nonsense while not realising that, in the meantime, our inner chaos is being exploited through our addiction to ideas.

Yes, there are captains of chaos. Yes, they create havoc and confusion in the world. Yes, they make money-making laws, guns, films, games, media, pills, religions … but we don’t have to be drawn into their fantasy playground.

All these groups are just like us, controlled by desires and aversions and ignorant our true nature of pure, compassionate consciousness. It’s suggested that there is an evil behind these groups that wants to reduce the human population so that they can gain more power – but this is just another layer of mental confusion. Of course, the wealthy want to hang on to their wealth and live long and prosper, while lacking empathy for others and feeling entitled to do whatever they want. On a conventional level, such selfish principles will never end.

The only way out of this chaos is to accept that humans are governed by an idea of self importance and a sense of entitlement. We do not, however, have to follow in those footsteps. Meditation helps us both to see clearly, and to know when enough is enough.

Everything comes about by causes and conditions so things – although impermanent – never end; energy just changes form. We cannot stop the world and get off, but we can stop being caught up in others’ fantasies. Life is too short to worry about everything. Know thy self, and that which knows this knowing. Pure consciousness cannot be altered or modified, but only distracted.

The chaos is ultimately an illusion. If we back away from this illusion, it magnifies in our imagination. When we walk up to it and investigate, it is merely a puff of smoke.

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