Riding The Wave Of A Collapsing System

System: early 17th century, from French système or late Latin systema, from Greek sustēma, from sun- ‘with’ + histanai ‘set up’.

Realisation is all about riding the wave of a collapsing set up,
both externally (others’ minds) and internally (our mind).

Life as we know it is collapsing, so we have to be mentally prepared for change. It’s what humans do: we set-up systems that up-set our natural balance. It’s all political. Throughout our lives, we move from one system to another, while maintaining belief in ‘the system’. It is this which keeps us unbalanced.

Being mentally aware will prepare us for whatever occurs, either internally or externally. When we collapse our mindset, we can take on whatever happens with clarity, and we do this by emptying our mind of ideas placed there. The ignorant will fold into the next system, while the wise will ride it out through simply not believing in systems.

The purpose of studying spiritual texts is not to become stuck in a system, a tradition, a religion: the intention is to free us of all group-think.

A system is a channelling device that limits consciousness; a system may collapse, but sentient beings won’t. The universe is full of sentience in some form or another. Meditation is supposed to free consciousness, but if it becomes a system, we will constantly drown in sentimentality, rather than riding the wave of consciousness. It is only when we collapse the meditation that the non-duality of pure consciousness – our true being – is revealed. Actually, non-duality is present at every moment – meditation is merely a reminder when we forget.

Riding the wave of karma (the system) is being carefree, fearless and euphoric.

The cosmic joke is suddenly realising
that we too were caught up in the collective wave of confusion.

The joy of the joke is in the unexpected ending.
Thank goodness none of this is real!

Happiness is relief from confusion and suffering.
May confusion and suffering dawn as wisdom.

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