Nature Is Beautiful, But …

Nature is beautiful, but that which is beyond ‘nature’ is more beautiful– and terrifying.

We become so hooked by surface values that we limit our understanding of our true nature. This is both amazing … and shocking. We wander around in awe of everything we see, repeating all the names and creating new varieties. Knowing the code of nature, we can create other things and believe we are all powerful, but nature has a way of reacting to that. Becoming so sophisticated, any inconvenience has to have a solution.

Caught and held by our deep appreciation of nature, some even call this ‘spiritual’. Even though we may be spiritually mindful in whatever we do, this merely enhances our feeling of self and pride.

It is here that mindfulness falls down. We may be able to care about everything that we do, but never see the light within and instead, are dreamy and sentimental, unable to see and realise the deeper code.

And there is a deeper code –
Nature, the universe and sentient beings are run by three principles: attraction, repulsion and inertia. In human terms: desire, aversion and indifference / ignorance. That’s it. That is what keeps us and – nature – running around in circles and cycles.

The even deeper code –
The beautiful news is that, the very moment we notice we’re being caught in the three negative emotions of desire, aversion and indifference / ignorance, we are free. And we stop talking eloquent nonsense 🙂

These three negative principles are, in truth, the wisdoms of purity/emptiness, consciousness and unlimited compassion.

The following is the correlation of these negative emotions and wisdoms:

Desire = Emptiness.
Desire fills emptiness with concepts.

Aversion = Consciousness.
Aversion arises when consciousness forgets its empty essence; an ‘I’ is created and starts judging.

Ignorance = Compassion.
Ignorance is forgetting the true nature of all sentient beings, which is both empty and conscious. We thus lack compassion, as compassion arises from an understanding of that true nature.

These three negative emotions are used by the demonic mind in order to enslave others through a lack of compassionate empathy. We are all part of this demonic process when we are ignorant of our true nature.

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