Nothing just happens; everything comes about due to a cause. A misunderstanding of this puts insight to sleep.

Insight is recognition, and starts with a feeling that something is ‘not quite right’ – a tell-tale sign, a sound in the voice, or an unconscious action that attempts to divert attention away from the essential point. We all have insight, intuition and wisdom but, if we do not let go of assumptions, this can unfortunately lead to fantasies and a ‘good’ story. Insight needs to be able to imagine potential and possibilities, and foresee a sequence of events, with the chance to refresh our view and allow insight to manifest in a authentic, pure way.

Unfortunately, most of us ignore insight in order to conform to social pressures, and this creates a lack of insight in a group situation.

Due to different experiences, we may not all come to the same conclusion. This is karma at work.

Insight needs the right language in order to express, as it’s looking from another viewpoint. Finding the right words is challenging, and can be frustrating. Some like to stick to facts, and facts are always about the past; that is the cause for the present moment to stagnate, to cease developing, to become inactive or dull.

It’s not a matter of fighting against anything, but seeing how it goes.
Insight is the ultimate reality of pure consciousness.

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2 Responses to INSIGHT

  1. Yes! As an INFJ I can’t ignore my intuition. It’s overpowering. I’m glad I have it. Great post!

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