Exercise: Catching That First Moment Of Reality

This practice is consciousness watching thoughts that come to pass.

Play a video of someone you normally do not like.
Just watch with an open mind, without any judgement at all.

In just watching, pure perception is taking place.
Now note that reactions and judgements will arise.
Let them go; do not follow them.

Return to pure consciousness, for that is what ‘just watching’ is.
You have now been meditating while watching something taking place before you.
We do this naturally in the very first moment of all situations, but this goes unnoticed.

As we practise, we see our bad karma at work – our criticisms, our repulsions – and the same process applies to desire and indifference.
Gradually, we will come to see our good karma at work – maintaining mental balance and clarity, with a greater realisation of empathy and compassion as we see misperception at work.

Ordinary meditation will be easy after this – it’s a piece of cake!
We are not doing something ‘spiritual’: pure spirit is self-evident.

In this meditation practice, consciousness watches thoughts that come to pass.
When consciousness looks in on itself, it finds nothing else.
That non-finding is simply pure consciousness.
It’s what we are.

The real work is acknowledging the habitual reactions that impair our view.
The more we acknowledge without reacting, the more karma dissolves,
and the closer we are to enlightenment.

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