Truth is not a philosophical discussion. Philosophy is for those who don’t know or don’t want to know, as knowing means our view of life will totally change. In discovering absolute truth, we realise what is important and what isn’t, and we can’t go back to being carried away with whatever others do or say. Speculation creates doubt.

When we verify absolute truth, we can no longer cause harm to others. The cause of terror in the world starts with an subtle idea, as in Animal Farm – “Two legs bad, four legs good”, and then, “Four legs good, two legs better”.

Truth is direct experience, before words or feelings are used to describe it. It is the spontaneous cool/raw experience of consciousness. Pure consciousness is our starting point; it’s the moment when a surgeon opens up a body to see what’s going on, before he/she goes any further and decides what to do.

A non-surgical mind is usually so involved with body and mind sensations that consciousness seems boring and pointless. We usually use consciousness to enjoy mind imagery, but that is our self-made prison.

Words take us round in circles of speculation and theory, and actually carry us off in the opposite direction to truth. This is why spiritual retreats are held in silence.

Sitting quietly and allowing the mind to come to rest – without expectations – isn’t difficult. Children can do it! Anyone who meditates finds some sort of inner peace and clarity, and what they do then is up to them.

The difficult part is deciding to engage on this inner journey because we know this has the potential to change the direction of our life, and we still find our mind/the world/what others say to be fascinating. If we are not aware, life becomes an emotional and political competition, and we lie in ambush, waiting for the next battle – the easy target of low-hanging fruit. We dig our own hole to live in, while obsessing about and criticising others’ holes!

Unless we investigate personally, we will never know.
No one else can tell us what an apple tastes like.

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  2. Guestspeaker says:

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    For many Truth is something very difficult.

    Many prefer to wallow in human wishful thinking or imaginings. The biblical truth frightens most people, especially that there is an elusive invisible God who knows everything and is able to do everything. With that, many prefer to take on other gods whereby the Nazarene may claim to have the most worshippers among the false gods. Many who call themselves Christians do not want to accept his words or those of his heavenly Father that he is the son of man and the beloved son of the one true God. Lots of people have made him into their god and live by the many false teachings of human beings instead by living according to the Biblical Truth.

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