Take A Look At Your Self

This self isn’t bad or demonic; it is just a collection of ideas that we mistake for our being. The demonic aspect of self arises when we express these ideas that can cause harm, or use them to bolster our self importance.

We all have a self to live with because we have identified with ideas, fixating upon them.

Spiritual teachings suggest that we aren’t supposed to be here … 😀 We are ethereal beings of light, of pure consciousness. We cannot get our heads around this as it is to do with something beyond mind that never changes.

Ether – late Middle English: from Old French, or via Latin from Greek aithēr ‘upper air’, from ‘burn, shine’.

Throughout human history, we have tussled with this prospect – and still do. This self isn’t the enemy; it’s our vehicle to enlightenment. Our selfishness can be a enemy to others, however – and an obstacle to our enlightenment.

Now, we have to do is see how all this feels. We know there is more to us. Take a good look at yourself; it is your karmic teacher, warts and all. Stop trying to be perfect – you already are. Stop competing with others – they have their own teacher. This self is just a residue of past experiences: all the while, pure consciousness sits and watches … and smiles 🙂

The only thing holding you back is your self. That’s how it teaches. We are free in the moment of seeing.

Stop copying others’ karma!
Nobody can tell you how to be.
Nobody can tell you how an apple tastes! 😀

As deeply as we feel hurt, we can also feel joy.

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  1. Wish I had found your writings earlier in life but I probably would have scoffed at them. Thanks Tony.

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