Good And Evil

As we refine our understanding, we see more subtle demonic activity in the world. Demonic or evil activity is anything that intentionally causes harm to the body, speech or mind of sentient beings, limiting that understanding.

If we understand cause and effect, so does a demonic mind – and it does it better. Demonic minds know how to cause a chain reaction so that the original cause fades in our memory, to the extent that we defend demonic activity because we forget or misunderstand the original intention.

Think evil does not exist?

Demonic minds are very sophisticated, more than the minds of ordinary folk. They are narcissistic to the extent of being religious in everything that they do. They, or their group, want to live forever. Whatever they call ‘beneficial’ lacks genuine empathy for ordinary people … “This pill is good for you, and so good for us.”

Goodness knows what is going on;
just don’t ignore it.

Truth is bad for demonic business.

What is goodness?
An empathetic mind.

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