Om Mani Peme Hum Ends Internal Struggle

Suffering or dissatisfaction is due to consciousness identifying with a set of ideas, creating a confused self-image that becomes subtly hostile because it doesn’t get what it wants. Consciousness needs guidance to bring it back to its normal state of perfect well-being.

The mantra, ‘Om mani peme hum’, brings misguided dissatisfaction to an end. We will still get old, and become sick and die, but we are able to accept or tolerate delays, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Om mani peme hum is the mantra of compassion, and it works … if we know the meaning. Realising the meaning makes our world a better place.

The mantra is the six perfections of generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration/meditation and transcendent knowledge = wisdom.

The first five perfections are decent human qualities that anyone can understand, more or less; even animals can have these qualities to some extent.

It is transcendent knowledge or wisdom
that changes everything.

Most paths start with the first five perfections, and practitioners hope to attain some sort of ‘enlightenment’. There are rare paths, however, that start with ‘enlightenment’ and practitioners use the other five as a support to maintain stability in their own mind: they use the meaning of the mantra in reverse. This ‘enlightenment’ isn’t something that we don’t already have, but it is covered in layers of confusion and dissatisfaction.

In experiencing the five perfections, we see how they work in all situations. They act like a brake that stops us running away with our ideas and opinions out of habit – and shuts us up for a moment! 😀

Transcendent knowledge or wisdom is realising that we are all pure consciousness. By knowing this, compassion arises because we can empathise with others who do not realise this ultimate truth about their ultimate reality.

It is through pure consciousness that our confusion is known.

All our problems start with pure consciousness being ignored.
All our problems end with pure consciousness realising its ultimate nature.

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