What Is Good & What Is Evil?

Do we know?
Do we not know?
This isn’t fantasy.

Good is what is beneficial to all.
Evil is what is beneficial to me and mine.

“But I’m not evil!”

Our idea of evil is the fantasy, to make evil something very bad – and over there, not here! That ‘badness-over-there’ is to do with other people, rather than something in nature. Nature cannot be bad.

So it is people who can be evil when they are bound by their likes and dislikes. Most of us are just little devils, but there are those who have big likes and dislikes, and use these to control the many. It is when we take their side of adopting likes and dislikes that we become … one of them!

Pure consciousness does not take sides; it just sees without bias. That is our purity – but we quickly become contaminated by others’ ideas.

We are pure knowingness. For the uninitiated, this pure knowingness becomes obscured because of an identification with whatever is known, causing trouble for ourselves and others.

For the initiated, anything that is identified is impermanent and has no inherent reality; then, situations become a reminder that our reality is empty of contaminations.

This is our inherent goodness that we share with others.

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