Tame the Mind: Tame the Demons

Until we can tame the mind – and therefore, tame the inner and outer demons – we will remain as human apes, controlled by our primitive (reptilian) brain. Even though mammals have a caring side, this is still based on self interest.

We may appear clever and caring, but our main concern is survival and getting the better of others. We are tainted with self interest, and therefore driven by primitive instincts of hope and fear – desire and aversion – ‘love’ and hatred. They are the demons lying in ambush in the mind. When we are controlled by these demons, it is we who arouse those very same demons in others. It is a chain reaction, and this chain reaction of action and reaction is how all sentient beings exist: self interest first.

Seeing the ‘loving’ and cruelty in the world is merely watching self-centred attitudes at play in the playground, exhibiting likes and dislikes – and even indifference.

In the evolution of spiritual development, humans are the missing link in the chain to enlightenment, because we have the ability to be aware of awareness – and therefore the emptiness of awareness, which is our true nature. All creatures, through evolution of rebirth after rebirth, will, at some point, become enlightened when self interest ‘dies’ (collapses). This self interest is stored in the eighth consciousness, called the alaya and the alaya-vijnana in Sanskrit. This karmic storehouse, or reference library, where information and the imprints of attitudes in the mind are held and to which we constantly refer, moment by moment in our daily lives. It’s how we function on a relative level. These two are like the software and hard drive on a computer: the alaya is the information and the alaya vijnana refers to the facility where this information is held.

When this karmic reference library collapses, we become enlightened because there is nothing to which we can refer; there is only pure consciousness, pure awareness.

In my confusion (I was unclear about the difference between alaya and alaya vijnana), I once asked my teacher, “When the alaya is empty, is that enlightenment?” He said, “No. The alaya is the software: more may still be added). It is when the hard-drive – the alaya-vijnana – collapses, no further karma can be added. That is when enlightenment occurs.”

The question may arise,
“So, do we see humans as animals?”
Well, we’re not totally safe, are we?

😀 😀 😀

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  1. su says:

    Even with all paradaox, je comprends. Vraiment.

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