Heavy Heart, Light Heart

Heavy-hearted: engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep, serious thought.
Or…smothering and suffocating.

Light-hearted: cheerful or carefree, free from anxiety.
Or…irresponsible and irresponsive.

Some phrases are two-edged swords, or spiritual weapons:“He’s a bit serious.”
“She’s a bit of an air-head.”

Whether these phrases are applicable or not, what is needed is a good heart. We cannot tell someone to ‘take things more seriously’ or to ‘be more carefree’ when it’s the way they are.

Although we are talking of ‘heart’, these are mind conditions. A good heart is a balance of both ‘heavy’ and ‘light’, as in weighty with a light touch; like a doctor. The heart feels a situation and adapts with wisdom and sensitivity, rather than either imposing a personality type.

When we understand something inside-out, then confidence is born: only then we can be carefree, because we took the subject seriously: authentic spiritual teachers go through years of training. Being told, “Don’t be so serious! Be carefree!” is glibness that shows a lack of understanding. This is how spiritual bullies are born. If we condemn a person, we are condemning ourself.

Being kind is when we take others’ suffering seriously, and can bring light to their situation.
As Trungpa Rinpoche said, “Not grandma’s compassion!”
Good heart = successful path.

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