Life Is Challenging, Thank Goodness!

Being generous, tolerant, moral, disciplined, tenacious, focused, caring, compassionate is challenging. It is challenging until we realise what wisdom is.

This list refers to our actions on a conventional level – and it’s hard work!

When we are fortunate enough to discover wisdom at an absolute level, we view everything from this base. Wisdom is understanding that the true nature of everything, including self, is empty of reality. Everything comes and goes, but the awareness of this is always present. This pure awareness is empty of any identification: there is nothing to hang on to, nothing to cling to, nothing to grasp, and so generosity tolerance, morality, discipline, tenacity, concentration, care and compassion are naturally present without effort. We are totally relaxed about everything.

Of course, at our stage, this doesn’t last as we forget or become distracted and return to the challenge of the conventional. Recognising this, we re-return to the absolute view. This is how we oscillate between the two truths, and gradually this oscillation becomes finer and finer until it is imperceptible.

The challenge is always when we come up against the views of others. We acknowledge what we are feeling, and realise that our conventional view is causing us suffering. Now we understand the cause of that suffering and can thus do something about it.

Good, eh? 😉

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