Whom Can I Blame…
for my life?

My parents?
My teachers?
The Committee of 300?

Blame is assigning a wrong to someone or something else. Blame is a judgement; it’s good v bad. Of course, there are things that are detrimental to a happy, healthy life, but that is the way of this conventional world, which is one of human degeneration. It is the Age of confusion, the Age of demons, the Age of ‘me first’, where we have complicated the simple.

Acknowledging suffering is the first step to freedom from suffering. But whom do I blame for my suffering?

On a conventional level, we all blame something – “Bloody weather!” That’s just the way it is. “That person is so critical”. That’s the way they are. “The world is run by psychopaths”. That’s how things are at this moment. Hell, isn’t it?!

All this worry will affect our minds and bodies – but it needn’t. It can never affect our essential nature. Pure consciousness merely acknowledges what is going on. It is when pure consciousness is realised that something can be done about all this selfish behaviour to which we consent.

In many aspects of our lives, we never seem to arrive at a conclusion: we are kept hanging on, addicted to coming back for more while always being conditioned for ‘the future’. We are continually preparing … getting ready for that moment of … “Eureka! Got it!”

Actually, we can blame everything and everyone for our eureka moment! When things are right in our face, we see them with intensity, and then parents, teachers, self, nature and the Committee of 300 are our educators; they become the symbolic teachers of all phenomena.

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2 Responses to WHOM CAN I BLAME…

  1. crestedduck says:

    This is all true…but I sure would feel justified, and would just love the chance to grab by the throat and choke the life out of some symbolic teachers. smile…

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