No Ego, No Karma
Know ego, know karma.

It’s important to accept that we have to live through that which we have already created, but the effects can be reduced. Our every reaction is a product from our past, which creates the situation now. Clinging to reactions gives rise to further reactions – karma – which creates suffering. The word ‘karma’ is used to mean the residue left in the mind, which is the cause of our programming, our perpetual state of confusion.

But my past has created who I am now!” Exactly.

We should be grateful to the past, but let it go.
If we hold onto the past, we will merely go round in circles, evolving into a fixed personality, a predictable robot.

As ordinary people, we need a little ego, a warm ego, to get along with others. But we also need to be mindful of falling into the trap of emotions such as pride, annoyance, etc.

Being an ordinary bloke, I sometime feel low. However this ‘feeling low’ is being recognised! “Recognised by whom?” By pure conscious awareness, which doesn’t feel low – never has and never will. Feeling low is a product from the past, and will pass.

We just ride out karma for this lifetime. Maybe the next life (if it exists) will be better. Maybe it will be worse. But whatever occurs, pure conscious awareness will see it through … or see through it!

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