Buddhism In Modern Life

Modern life is caught up in soft suffering – we hardly notice our stress and anxieties because we are busy trying to catch up with technologies and upgrades. Hard suffering occurs because life falls apart due to stresses and anxieties caused by events that were caused by other events. Basic Buddhism says we suffer because of ignorance of our true nature, but modern life is life on steroids and antidepressants, with hidden sugars, salt and other additives in our food (even in the packaging!) all of which have an effect.

Does Buddhism have to change with modern times? Yes, I think so; it has to see the bigger picture of the price we pay for ‘free’ technology. It’s the cheese in the mouse trap!

Life is a chain of events. One moment of cause produces an effect for the next moment of cause, and so on. Everything depends on input: if we maintain the same input, the result will be the same. That’s how we develop a personality, a type.

Whatever we (or others) put into our bodies and minds has an effect on our future. Tracing a cause is seemingly impossible as we are the result of complex inputs. Nothing just happens!

If life is going well, we will not want to change – but remember that everything is impermanent. The god realm of ‘I’m at the top’ does not last!

The more refined the mind – and therefore consciousness – becomes, the more sensitive we are to our environment and the effect that this has on our minds and bodies. We notice the way something is written, or the sound of a voice, or a gesture, smell or taste. We become aware of how something is introduced to a society that will have an effect on people, even 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later. We see how the generations seem more dumbed down.

‘Dumbing down’ is the deliberate oversimplification – and over-complication – of intellectual content within a culture in order to confuse, and render the population less able to comprehend the force behind the actual knowledge that is controlling them! One is too tight, and the other too loose. The resulting effect is similar to mice in a maze.

It’s the same with our health: what we take into our bodies, consciously and unconsciously, WILL have an effect on us later. We are talking about the globalisation of everything. The globalist wants us to conform to make the control and maintenance of their wealth easier, for their dynasties. So you see how our lives are being controlled more and more. Choice is a mirage. Corporations know how easily humans become addicted, and this is used to enslaved the public. After all, if you have a mass of wealth, you will want to maintain it, and are thus caught in the very same trap of addiction.

So how can Buddhism help?
Buddhism reminds us to be aware of not falling into a life of illusion.

Events in early life have a strong influence on us,
and we believe that there is only one way to go
– to follow the crowd and join the queue.

Meditation – sitting in stillness – is the way out.
We can step outside at any time.

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