­What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a conundrum: it’s both
mundane – worldly
supramundane – above and beyond the mundane.

Many scientists believe that AI robots could soon gain consciousness. This reveals a limited view of consciousness and is a misunderstanding: it’s also a deliberate deception restricting human reasoning.

The definition of a robot is a machine resembling a human being that is able to replicate human movements, and functions automatically in regard to its surroundings. ‘Reacting to surrounding’ is mundane consciousness: it’s a perception that is only concerned with worldly events, and is useful for survival but not for realising inner peace. Robots will merely be mimicking ordinary human activity – mundane consciousness – more efficiently.

This mundane consciousness is our second nature: our first nature is much, much more.

First nature: our original nature, the source of wisdom uncontaminated by programming.
Second nature: a tendency or habit that has become a characteristic, a type (the programming).

Mundane consciousness has the ability to remember, judge and re-enact within its surroundings. This behaviour becomes so engrained that we fixate on this patterning, distracting us from our first nature of pure consciousness, original wakefulness.

The purpose of supra-mundane consciousness is to free us from mundane consciousness.

Our mundane consciousness is leading us down the garden path = deceived! We are constantly being enticed into the illusion through all forms of media, and the result is that we actually lose consciousness.

Awakening is having the ability to switch off our second nature.
Robots cannot do this!

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