Conditioning = Cause and Effect

Day after day, we are being conditioned by suggestions, leaks and ‘news’ to believe in something or other by some ‘Ministry of Truth’: we either go along with or react against this conditioning. Either way, we conform without noticing, and this affects our behaviour.

Anything and everything can only come about
due to causes and conditions.
Create a condition, and that will effect a cause.
Cause and effect.

We control our mind by taming our reactions.
In this way, we do no harm.
We then may do some good
– or at least, not make things worse by reacting or obeying.

Spiritual groups (‘Ministries of Truth’) are no different.
The teachings, if applied, may be perfect,
but the form – the culture and behaviour – can take us in a different direction.

The question is:
“Are your thoughts your own?”
Were they ever?

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