When we find ourselves in a situation where someone else shines, and envy arises, take a closer look. Jealousy is a very uncomfortable feeling, and our judgement is quickly covered up by our reactions. We either dismiss it, ignore it, find fault with it, or give faint praise.

The first instant was actually recognition and appreciation. That was all-accomplishing wisdom, our first nature, but was quickly taken over by our second nature…’me’. If there is a ‘me’, then there is a ‘you’ and judgement and competition arises. Thus a reaction is created to come back at us…and chaos ensues!

Let’s take a closer look. For jealousy to arise, you are not totally content being you. This is because this you is a ‘me’! If we solely identify with a ‘me’ that will always feel limited, and not good enough, we feel disappointed with ourselves. This is because we compare ourselves to others. If we lived happily in a far away cave…who would there be to feel jealous about?

This ‘me’ isn’t the real you. ‘Me’ is a mental acquisition, acquired throughout our life, and it became second nature. You (your first nature) are that which merely notes and appreciates everything. It appreciates fine work and a fine mind, and above all it appreciates its own appreciation. It’s comfortable with itself.

This appreciation is your path to liberation. And, it doesn’t need adornments!

Some need a shiny, interesting path, doing clever things – flowers, buttons and bows. Some have nothing interesting – no flowers, no buttons and bows – still shiny, but plain. The path with no obstacles is faster!

Appreciate being you.
Appreciate others being them.
Appreciate your appreciation.
In that way, you can accomplish anything.

 You really do know,
because you recognise.


…and there is not enough time to be good at everything!






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