Does changing consciousness, change the world?

 From a spiritual point of view, we created the world in which we live through our projections. This is both individually and collectively.

 Consciousness here means faculties of the mind: to judge, remember, value, sense, perceive etc.

We know that through projections, consciousness sees the world in a certain way, fixates on what it values, and through habit, manifests an elaborate personality…creating a mistaken self.

 These projections then maintain our world, by using energy: thought is energy. Although things are moved physically, the power comes from our perception – the accumulation of consciousness. Before we can move a cup, we have to have the intention.

 When a group has a collective intention, it creates a culture, developing a habitual group consciousness over generations. It’s interesting that our bodies and faces conform to a type, as well as language and accent. We can see within a group that that too can be divided into classes, and they also develop types. Some become exaggerated and theatrical, and their behaviour develops a caricature of a type. In the UK, for example, posh people wear green wellington boots, and assume an air of superiority and a look of surprise when the rest of us don’t go shooting the ‘peasants’ (lower classes) with a golf ball!

 And that is how we spend our life.

 The question is, can our collective consciousness change the character of this planet? If we pollute the seas, the air, our food, our bodies, our minds, and kill people, does this affect the planet? Remember, what happens in the physical starts with our mental perceptions and intentions.

 This bring us to strange happenings in the ‘media’. We see more and more atrocities, and bad laws created by governments that really do change the lives of the population. This will have a effect on our collective consciousness. When governments make corporations richer and the people poorer, this will definitely create reactions… AND THEY KNOW IT! Authority feels it deserves, or is entitled to dominate a society, which is quite a change from serving it.


The questions:

Do they do this on purpose, or is it zero empathy?
Is the planet becoming less empathetic?
Have we consented to rely on man-made laws
at the expense of our common sense?
Has our consciousness been







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