Transformation of Appreciation
Genuine appreciation of spiritual teachings

Recognising a quality and valuing it.
This can only occur when we experience and recognise
an inner change.

Then we know that the teachings work.
How can we appreciated them otherwise?

Saying we appreciate something is merely a self-projection. When we no longer fear ourselves or feel embarrassed, and have confidence that all phenomena is now an aid, then appreciation reveals itself in genuine compassion and devotion to the teachings. We no longer say that we have compassion merely as a self-projection, as we now know the teachings work to benefit all.

Strangely enough, this may not mean that the teacher or other students are to our taste, as we all manifest differently, but we realise the worth of the teachings. Previously, teachings were hearsay – like reading a recipe without cooking or tasting the food. When we realise the truth, there is good food everywhere, in every tradition.

Whatever we choose to call pure being free of contaminations, ‘all you need is love’ and that entails loving our main enemy – our self! That makes a change, doesn’t it?! We now appreciate our self as the path to enlightenment.

Appreciating the birth of realisation is like being born again.
When the teachings are everywhere,
that is the teaching of one taste.

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