Words Belittle Realisation

… and realisation as wisdom has to be practical,
and not just a philosophy.

The qualities of our essence are clear emptiness, awareness and compassion.
The qualities of our disruptive obscurations are excitement, anxiety, and dullness.
But the realisation of the meaning of these words is more than all that.

We have to use words: through realisation, the meaning is elevated, and so we have to set the meaning in context to be fully understood.

People might say, of languages such as Sanskrit, Tibetan or Pali, “These languages are uplifting!” but they still do not come close to authentic realisation: they are copies of reality.

In the moment, now, there are no words. Words come after the experience, and are a weak expression of realisation. It would be better to remain silent, but in this day and age we have to use words, until people know what we mean by just a glance or mere presence. It’s like looking at a painting or listening to a piece of music; no words are needed.

We, as humans, want to achieve ‘perfect form’, to know all the right words in order to look good – but this doesn’t mean that we have any genuine substance, realisation or compassion. There is an expression in English, “All form and no substance”, meaning that beauty is only skin deep; to use another expression, all fur coat and no knickers!

The modern world is blaming religion for all its ills. Religion has gone astray because its true meaning has been misunderstood, forgotten, ignored or set to beautiful poetry. It has belittled itself, and belittled essence. There is no practical wisdom. It has taken stories literally and turned them into fantasies, without the clarity of practical wisdom. People do not trust religion any more: religion is too busy being generous with itself.

As humans, we cover ourselves in platitudes, and the authentic becomes a bad copy.

All spiritual practices are about coming to rest, perfectly relaxed, in the stillness of clarity; completely empty of confusion, fully aware and conscious. How that feels or is realised is a personal matter beyond words, and beyond beautiful modifications.

We are silent, pure experience, which is indescribable.
Why is this important … so important?
Because this is wisdom in action.

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