Some Things Are Difficult To Talk About

Some things are difficult to talk about as they have to be timely, but as you’ve found your way here through favourable curiosity, we might as well continue :-). Some things can only be spoken about when the listener has received the pointing-out instruction on the nature of mind, but if you have read this blog, you sort of get it. 😀

In non-dual meditation, we realise that we are pure consciousness – aware, but inactive. This can be upsetting for some people as they want to be up and doing, re-creating themselves and their situation. 🙂 Anyway, pure consciousness does nothing, but be aware.

Now for the tricky part. Depending on the level of enlightenment or realisation – and from this position – action only takes place to be of benefit to a situation, rather than of benefit to us. Having realised our true nature, we don’t need or rely on anything.

Some practitioners withdraw from worldly activities, while others engage.
It’s a personal choice.

We aren’t here to change the world; even a Buddha can’t do that. We are here to realise what we truly are, rather than become attached to everything.

The pull to change the world and other people is great, but that will depend on how many can work together. There is far too much division for that to happen, just yet.

The ‘dividers’ are very clever, and idiotically divided from reality.
They’re all busy trying to re-create themselves and us.Daft creatures!

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