Reality Isn’t Cultivated

What we do cultivate, however, is our likes and dislikes, while ignoring our true reality of pure consciousness = a good heart that acts unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.

We cannot truly love if our feelings come first
my family, my talents, my life …
That is love which is conditional.

Reality is uncultivated love,
uncontaminated by any conditions.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Yeah, it is so incredibly, mind-blowing simple. Very simple and very direct. There is nothing to add to it. Everything you add to it, it only dilutes and contaminates the primordial seeing, speaking, sensing. The buddha nature is there and its yours, right from the start… Lucky you!

  2. Marcel says:

    Hello Tony, Good to see you posting on a daily basis! I have a question about the origin of the Dzogchen teachings. Were they imported from India by Padmasambhava together with the other buddhist teachings or is Dzogchen a Tibetan creation? I guess they have their origin in India as well, Advaita Vedānta ..? Thanks in advance.

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