The Psychology Of Consciousness

It’s what spirituality is all about.

Understanding how consciousness works will help us realise how we work. If we don’t know the essence of a subject, how can we know about it? All we will do is go through a routine or ritual.

Consciousness or awareness is what we are; this is embodied in a form, created by karma, which is the result of previous actions. The room we are sitting in now is our creation – or we allowed it to be created.

However, consciousness gets involved in this and that, being driven by desire and aversion because of not knowing its true nature (‘not knowing’ is referred to as ignorance).

When we start to open up to the psychology of consciousness through meditation, we discover something unique about ourselves, about consciousness … it has a pure state. This is sometimes called the clear light of bliss. That is home.

The clear light of bliss isn’t about being organised and uniform.
It is carefree and playful.

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