The Mirror: The Weapon Of Choice

We are all pure consciousness – mirrors that reflect images.

The question is; do we believe in these images, or do we see them as mere reflections?
The way in which we react to these reflections can either be our downfall, reflecting our ‘goodness’ that we project to others = hell, or reflect our faults and become our teacher = heaven.

Imagine a battlefield. A realised person holds up a mirror to an army of mara (demons) who want to bring that person down. All mara sees is their own reflections, which causes them to see what they don’t want to see.

The battle of mirrors.
As all beings are reflecting mirrors, so are these demons who, in retaliation, hold up their mirrors to the realised ones in the hope that the realised ones fall for seeing their own ‘goodness’.

The realised ones can either succumb to their own ‘goodness’, or realise that there no reactive effects whatsoever. This is why our enemies are our best teacher.

Every day, someone wants us to rise to the bait, and be caught in our own reflection.

Realisation isn’t concerned with admiring the reflections;
it is knowing that we are the mirror

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