How To Prove Direct Experience

The problem is in the question. Who are we proving this to? Without practice, we (consciousness) don’t notice that pure perception or direct experience has jumped to the mind for a reference by which to judge. And that reference structure is what we call ‘self’.

The problem is in the word we. The word we is merely a convention, a generalisation for mind/consciousness which has lead to all our confusion. The word we means consciousness; that is what we are, but this consciousness has identified with sets of ideas, and thinks that that adornment of concepts is what we are. This inhibits direct experience.

The problem is that consciousness doesn’t trust consciousness, and goes round in circles, doubting. This confusion is our common prison of normality.


Direct experience is awareness without the mental clutter. In the very first instant of perception, which is happening non-stop, that perception is the clarity of pure consciousness = direct experience.

It is this very confusion that,
when acknowledged,
is the path to enlightenment.

“Confusion dawns as wisdom.”
Knowing dark is knowing light.

The solution is dropping ideas about our perception, without falling into dumb vacancy. Dumb vacancy is not knowing, a drifting dreamy state. Direct experience is fresh, raw knowingness.

Still don’t get it?
What sees the confusion?

It really is that simple.

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