Non-Stick Pans & Memory Foam Mattresses

When we get involved with someone or something, it leaves a mark, an experience, a ‘wound’, a little trauma, whether pleasant or unpleasant … a memory.

All too often, we hear Tibetan lamas laugh at westerners ‘wounds’, and their psychological drama. These wounds that they laugh at are merely memories – that we ALL have. Incidentally, when the students join in with the laughter, they are merely re-enacting their own memories.

Where is understanding and compassion? Their laughter at others’ wounds left a memory in my mind that’s still there thirty years later. Whenever we get involved with others, we acquire a little of their karma as well: our mind takes the shape of our experiences, and we become memory foam mattresses, creating a life of hysteria and wildly uncontrolled emotions.

In our mundanity, we believe that we don’t have wildly uncontrolled emotions … or so we think. I remember ‘not having emotions’ until it hit me like a bolt of lightening that the very reason I was judging people was because of emotions.

To a realised person, these emotions shout out loudly and clearly,
and that
is the path to enlightenment.

A realised person is a non-stick pan:
things still stick,
but they’re easily washed off.


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