Beware Of The Exotic

If we are looking for the truth about our reality, we cannot find anything simpler than pure consciousness. If we are mesmerised and obsessed by the exotic, we will make truth something that it’s not.

Exotic: originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. Late 16th century: via Latin from Greek exōtikos ‘foreign’, from exō ‘outside’.

Other people’s ways/paths are their ways. Each of us has to undo our own obsessions to realise the essence of our reality. We go alone, but we rub shoulders with others for short while.

Initially, things do rub off on us by association, but there comes a time when we have to leave those ideas behind. When starting on our path, others may seem above us, and may even flaunt the information from books they have read. But once we’ve read the same books and reflected, these people don’t seem so advanced … and they’re still reading the same book 🙂

Let go, let go.
Gone, gone, gone beyond.

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